Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

To be the best place for consumers to share their knowledge, learn from other experts and make the right decisions.

Our Mission

To build a community driven platform consumers can trust. Enabling people to find the most relevant information while being open, inspiring and entertaining.

Our Values

Be part of it.

Our community is getting more awesome by the day. It grows constantly; it’s you, it’s us, it’s every single person, and we stand by each of them, no matter what. We only have one rule: keep the people who use our platform in mind all day, every day, because we would be nothing without our community.

Own it.

Is there anything better than a committed workmate who gets their shit done and takes full responsibility for their projects? Actually, there is: a whole team, including you, of people getting shit done and owning it like a boss. We roll up our sleeves and support, encourage and empower our teammates.

Choose the best.

Build a kick-ass team 101:
Look for the best candidates who wholeheartedly share our values
Learn, share and grow with your teammates
Don’t be a #@!%, show that you care
Always give honest feedback

Make change happen.

We enjoy challenging how things stand – change is happening, change is awesome, and it's for the best. It takes effort to adapt to change, but we’re f***ing good at it, so let's make change happen together!

Build trust.

We are experts in what we're doing, so trust is something we carefully nurture – earn it, give it, keep it! We make mistakes but we’d rather learn from them than hide them. Speaking up won't compromise your integrity, it’s what we expect from each other.

Focus on impact.

About that thing you just did – that ticket you solved, that deal you posted, that partnership you sealed – we would all love to know about it. Measure your impact, share your outcomes, use everyone’s insights and make the right decisions! If you're sure there is zero data, trust your own gut – it's often right.

Do more with less.

We’re deal hunters at heart, and that’s not just how we shop in private life. We treat the company resources as carefully as our own – no overspending, no wasting! Seriously, that’s for everything – time, money, all resources, no exceptions.

Welcome everyone!

Our diversity and differences make us stronger as a company, and help us to connect with our community and with each other. We're thankful for every new face, every new story and every new personality we can embrace. Bias is natural, but let’s get over it and grow past it! Welcome to Pepper!